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In the event my dog was given 2weeks to 2 months to live in May and is still going strong. Some memories you can't put a price on. Ohh forgot to say I did hum and haa a lot over it and got 2 10x8 pics for "free" included in the price. Hiya - I used to work at Venture, calling people up to tell them they'd been 'selected' to have a free session lucky them! They were selected on the amount of income they'd written down on their competition entry form. My advice is just hold your nerve and take the smallest photo you could get it blown up? Plus, a word of warning!

When customers were left alone in the room to discuss, the salespeople would leave the cctv on and watch them talking in the room upstairs. I'm not sure if they do this at all Ventures, but I was truly shocked and felt like I was on some kind of undercover dodgy dealers documentary!

Needless to say I only worked there a month. Users saying Thanks 7. Freetime30 View public profile Send private message Find more posts View all thanked posts.

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The photographs were very poor quality, they were very very light and made my son look ill. Turned out the deal with BHF was actually NOT interest free for the duration, it was interest free from signing up until you confirmed receipt of the photographs, which as you don't begin to pay until 30 days after you recieve the photos it's a very cunning plan. To cut a long story short, it took us 18 months of arguing and hassle to get the contract cancelled and the photographs returned.

If you take a word of advice from me, DON'T let them use the emotional blackmail.

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The photo's will be viewed by cinescreen and will look stunning. I am more than happy to give you more details if required, just pm me! We have had 2 Venture sessions at different locations and have always been very happy with the way they have presented the images and have not had the hard sell maybe we were lucky! Just remember your budget and stick to it.

They do charge a bomb for the framing and presentation though so if you are really tempted to purchase some of the images buy them in the cheap black 'gallery' frame 10X8 and then get them remounted. We had a photo session today with Venture not knowing how ridiculously high the prices would be afterwards. Does anyone know if the prices are negotiable at all? If you found my comment helpful, please click the 'Thanks' button below. Vulture Studios rip off.

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  8. We were in the local GAP store a couple weeks back, and the Venture Studio Vultures were sweeping all the families with kids up for the classic 20 quid portrait before the big hit later for hundreds or thousands and all the props had big GAP signs on them - nice! Stand and watch the operation for 10 minutes, you can see it all coming. It is vital to know up front, what the cost is and in my experience that is the last thing they want you to know at the start. If you knew, you'd walk out straight away.

    Me and my partner have got in to producing original paintings, yes, real brushes and so on , reaslistic price and the product which is a zillion time more personal and of course, it is an original. We tell you upfront a 80x80 cm sq original with two heads mother and son for example will cost or or We know people have budgets but we still want to produce excellence, most canvas for simpler projects we are doing for at the moment and people love it.

    The painting will be in the family for 's of years very probably, so it is real value. Avoid the production line photography and hidden pricings. The Venture way is a few bubbles, a cuddly toy, a burst of impresive camera flash and hey ho little Johnnie is a star - for 10 seconds until the next kid is shoved in front of the lens. On google search marina skaya art if you are interested in an honest and brilliant alternative.

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    Call us if you want a chat about it and how its achieved. Good luck. We have got in to making original art yes brushes, paint, skill, time portraits as our 'venture'. Its very personal, results are amazing and price is competely reasonable. Typically at the moment a 60x60cm canvas in rich acrylics say pounds. When I compare with Venture prices for churned out photos what we are doing is so much better, and will last for ever!

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