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Polish 1. German 1. The food is great - I would recommend the steamed lobster over the grilled its juicier - but hey its a matter of preference right?!

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So yeah the food was good but I didn't feel particularly full. Plus I have to say that the salad was pretty stingy and served in a metal bucket which made it hard to eat. I'd say it was comprised of about five salad leaves and a whole lot of raw onion. The lobster itself was delicious though! The bill came and it was 45 pounds each for the two of us which I thought was pretty steep considering we'd had one course and a bottle of wine.

I'm not sure that's really good value for money. Not sure i'd go back, there are some excellent lobster pop ups that I'd try first. Bit more atmosphere, a bit more value for money maybe. I am big fan of The Burger and Lobster Russian owned chain, the decor is stylized and cool, a great place for a late dinner, sit at the bar and enjoy a lobster tail. So I shall be checking it out next time I am in E14, fingers crossed for a spot of sunshine. I am always a bit hesitant going to places that don't take bookings.

We arrived around on Wednesday and walked straight in.

The restaurant is pretty spacious and has tables of different sizes. In fact as far as I could tell at no point was there a queue of any significance - so don't let that put you off!

The 13 Best Places for Lobster in London

I loved the ambience and the staff were really friendly. It's shtick is there is no menu as they only serve 2 things - burger - which can come with cheese and bacon, lobster - grilled or steamed - with plain or garlic and lemon butter totally delicious. They give you a plastic tie on apron, the dishes come on paper lined trays which seemed a bit gimmicky.

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The lobster is all prepared so it is v easy to eat and made me wonder why it isn't given to customers like that in every restaurant? I'm not a regular lobster eater so don't have a huge benchmark but I really enjoyed my food and was able to have a good catch up with my friend who was celebrating her birthday. Hard to decide how good value for money it was - but I really enjoyed it and would go again.

Don't go here for the burgers - go for the lobster or the lobster rolls and the oh-so-good lemony butter. They take a long time to serve large groups, so smaller is better. Also, the waitstaff get irritated when you ask questions. Honestly wouldn't have given this such a good score had it not been for the lemon butter sauce.

The American speciality: Burger and Lobster

Food isn't bad, just a bit overpriced and the service not great. Burgers good but not awesome are the same price than lobsters, and yes, both are really overpriced. Nothing to add. The food here isn't bad — it's just not that good. But it was nothing special. Interesting concept.. Can't think of another restaurant where there are only three items on the menu! Some might say the same price for a burger is a little steep but it is tasty. Portions are huge, you definitely won't leave hungry Especially if you can be tempted by the scrumptious desserts!

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Worth a visit, even if just to try something a bit different. Interesting concept. My husband and I went here to try both the lobster and the burger. I'm not a big seafood eater but my husband enjoyed his lobster more than I did my burger. Fun to try, wouldn't run back to go here. The menu concept at Burger and Lobster is quite simple. The portions are delicious and generous and frankly I think this is a bit of a bargain!

Personally for me the brioche was perfect and a delight to eat. What a deal! They also throw in a side salad and some chips. There is only three things on the menu, burger, lobster roll or a whole lobster. It's very tasty and unfortunately you can't book! They have a few branches around London. Top tip- there is one on the top floor of Harvey Nichols and there is normally no big queues here!

An above average London dinner, but not a London highlight. The lobster is the best pick as you can get many decent burgers in London for cheaper, and you get less meat in a Lobster roll. However, t he atmosphere is loud and busy, and not the most relaxing dinner out. Just like Flat Iron and Bubbledogs, it's noticeable full of tourists, so watch out for the lobster tank selfies.

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I am not actually a big fan of lobster so this review is a bit biased! Ok for lobster, not great at all for a burger. The service is quick and the lobster is good but I prefer to head to the Big Easy in Chelsea or Covent Garden when in the mood for lobster as the atmosphere and service is much better in my humble opinion! It's good, fairly cheap, but I'm not sure why you would go there for a burger Let's be honest, this place is pretty much a tourist attraction of sorts. We had booked but still had to queue for half an hour but we could at least stand at the bar and have a drink whilst we waited for our table.

You only have just on 1. You get to choose it either steamed, grilled or in a bun. The burger is priced at the same rate and overrated. Don't try anything on the puddings menu, it will ruin your lobster! If you are patient and willing to queue a few hours and desperate for lobster this is the place to go. Very noisy.

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Staff friendly. A lot of people on here are complaining about bad service, but our service was actually pretty good. On a budget, we'd taken the time to save for what we assumed would be a very expensive meal, which turned out to actually be not as expensive as we'd imagined.

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Our waiter was a very polite young guy, who helped us whenever we needed it and was very attentive to each table he was serving. We were more than impressed with this, and left him a sizeable tip as a result. If we needed more drinks, he was more than happy to bring them; along with a pitcher of water as he suggested, and was more than happy to explain the menus to us in more depth. Our waiter was great, suggesting drinks he personally thought were best with the whole lobster we both ordered.